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My Why

5 years ago I would have said that I was one of those lucky people who on the surface had a pretty good life. Living in Cardiff, a great relationship, lovely friends and working & coaching in the sport that I loved. So you would think then, that when my beloved fiancé dived into that swimming pool and broke his neck that my world would come crashing to the ground. Well it did, but what happened next was unexpected. There was heartache and there was pain as we rebuilt our lives but we have ended up in a place that I never knew was possible. Ed was my number one priority but the process taught me what was important in life and that for us to get through this I had to also give time to myself. I had come through a massive change too and knew through my experiences I had something to offer the world. With his support I embarked on this coaching journey so that I could help others, completing my life coaching diploma & becoming a NLP Practitioner. 

I feel extremely grateful to discover the coaching world. The ethos that comes with coaching has always been something that fascinates me; knowing your true self, understanding your values and breaking down our personal story to realise our true capabilities. My coaching falls in line with my values; I'm honest, compassionate, balanced & most importantly I like to add a bit of fun so my clients walk away with a smile. I understand how hard it can be to make a sustained positive change but I also know that with the right work and guidance how possible it is. 

Coaching has helped me understand who I am, what I want and what i'm truly capable of and I can help you do the same.


Louise Dommell

Lois brings such warmth and positivity to each session, helping me unpack my goals in an open & non-judgemental space.





'It's not about me', I found myself saying this all the time during Ed's recovery. When your partner or loved one is facing adversity not only do you not have time to concentrate on yourself but you also have the guilt for focusing on you, when it should be about them. I want to change that. In order for your loved ones to be progressing then you need to be happy. I want to help you live a balanced life, help you understand what you want and allow you to be in the best possible place in order to be there for your loved ones. It can be really difficult to know what to say and have those tough conversations but there is a way to communicate effectively and I can help you understand how. 

Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

I have been working with Lois for a few months now and she has that rare ability to hold a space for you to do your best thinking without overcrowding or trying ot "fix" you. I often come to her overwhelmed and overburdened and after our time together I feel lighter and can see a way for me to take control of my situations and scenarios and "own" them. Something I previously struggled with. She is so relatable and real and has that rare air of almost being "peer like". She helps you for where you are at and brings humour too. Which trust me you need on this personal development journey.

Ebony Escalona

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