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Millimetres 2 Mountains                   Foundation

Alongside running my coaching business I also co-founded the Millimetres 2 Mountains Foundation with my husband Ed and good friend Olly Barkley in March 2020. The charity was born from experiencing the huge benefits that the mountains had on Ed's recovery both physically and mentally. We wanted to create positive change in people who are suffering with their mental health due to facing adversity in their lives by taking them on an adventure and supporting them with an aftercare programme.


Ed Jackson

This is my nutter of a husband Ed Jackson. Ed and I met at the sweet old ages of 18 & 21 at a fancy dress party. I was dressed as a ballerina and he was dressed as a fireman and after he asked for my number 3 times in the same night...the rest is history. Ed and I both share a passion for helping others, personal development and having lots and lots of fun. Others say it and I try not to say it to his face too much but he really is an inspiration. He is Mr Positive. You can find out more about what Ed does to fill his time below. To list a few: Coming up with crazy fundraising ideas, motivational talks for businesses and schools, Ch4 rugby reporter, podcaster, charity ambassador & soon to be Author! Proud wife alert.

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