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Client Testimonials

Having never worked with a life coach before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect - but just a short while into our first conversation I felt so at ease with Lois and her coaching style - which was warm, relaxed and genuine.

Apart from achieving a lot of the goals that we outlined at the very beginning, one of my biggest breakthroughs from working with Lois is having become hyper aware of the seemingly small habits that were hindering my productivity and sabotaging my success - in any area. I do a lot of personal development work and so consider myself to be, on the whole, quite self aware generally speaking - but Lois’ unique way of probing helped me take that to a completely different level and I ended up discovering things about myself that I never knew.

Laura Anderson

"I have been working with Lois for a few months now and she has that rare ability to hold a space for you to do your best thinking without overcrowding or trying to "fix" you. I often come to her overwhelmed and overburdened and after our time together I feel lighter and can see a way for me to take control of my situations and scenarios and "own" them. Something I previously struggled with. She is so relatable and real and has that rare air of almost being "peer like". She helps you for where you are at and brings humour too. Which trust me you need on this personal development journey."

Dr Ebony Escalona - founder of Vets Stay Go Diversify!

The content on my objectives has been quite varied from emotional to practical goals and Lois has been able to naturally adapt each session appropriately ensuring that they always remain on focus but without losing the ability to be empathetic where needed.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lois and will definitely be keeping in touch.  

Louise Dommell

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