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High impact coaching for bettering relationships and finding more time for you. 


My Story

In 2017 change was forced upon me when my fiancé Ed suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him paralysed from below the shoulders and our lives were seemingly turned upside down. This initially traumatic experience and the subsequent journey that we have been on has taught me so much. It taught me resilience, it taught me gratitude but most importantly it taught me how to be my true self again. 

What is Relationship Coaching?

We interact with people everyday, in fact humans have evolved to be sociable creatures because as a group we are safer. Quite simply we need relationships to function. So how much time do we actually dedicate to having healthy, positive relationships?

Through relationship coaching I will help you evaluate the relationships in your life and give you the tools to improve your connections with other people and more importantly yourself. Life coaching is not about giving advice, you already have the answers, i'm just here to help you find them. Through powerful questioning and innovative exercises I will help you identify your aspirations and plan a route to achieving them. I guarantee you will come away feeling empowered, motivated and with real clarity. Believe me, with the right attitude and a realistic plan in place dreams really can come true.


How can I help?


Do you feel disconnected from your partner, friends, family or work colleagues?

Let's rebuild your relationships


Do you feel overwhelmed and like you have no balance in your life?

We can find time for you


Have you gone through a big change and want to get your life back on track?

Learn to embrace life's challenges


'It's not about me', I found myself saying this all the time during Ed's recovery. When your partner or loved one is facing adversity, not only do you not have time to concentrate on yourself but you also have the guilt for focusing on you, when it should be about them. I want to change that. In order for your loved ones to be progressing then you need to be happy. I want to help you live a balanced life, help you understand what you want and allow you to be in the best possible place in order to be there for your loved ones. It can be really difficult to know what to say and have those tough conversations but there is a way to communicate effectively and I can help you understand how. 

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