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I’d like to think I’m pretty efficient with day to day tasks. If there are a few tasks that need to be completed I will think (in a scary amount of depth) which one I will do first, how long each one will take and how I can complete them all the best way to save the most amount of time. Even when driving somewhere, there won’t be a minute lost and I am always thinking about how to get things done as quickly as possible. Some would say this is a pretty goddamn efficient way to run your life, however it can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. My close friends know that if something in the plan doesn’t happen the way I have meticulously planned then I 𝘮𝘢𝘺 have a little sulk or it will at least take me 5 (maybeeee 10) minutes to get over it. Whoops. I’m not sure whether this comes from being an athlete as a kid and having time management skills drilled into me at every moment but I never knew any different and sometimes it definitely has its uses.


Through Ed’s spinal injury recovery I have been forced to slow down. We can’t be rushing out the door at 100mph and actually I have come to realise that ‘time’ is the precious thing but if I’m not enjoying the present and constantly trying to get the next thing done, then well, what’s the point? So it might take Ed 15 minutes to put his socks on (5 mins of this is due to his SCI and 10 mins is due to him being a bloke, soz), Ed’s catheter bag might have exploded over my freshly washed 720tc Egyptian cotton sheets for the 2nd time that week and I do have a bulldog who walks at 0.2mph, but hey, I’m learning to slow it down and have more patience because where does getting frustrated get me? Yes, sometimes I will want things to be done quicker or for everything to go to plan but it’s how I react to that spark of frustration that is the real test.


Seriously though Ed, you can put your socks on quicker than that.


📸 @thatcameraman Another test of patience as we trekked half the country.

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